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My prices are not negotiable, make sure to read them before our meeting. To avoid that it becomes a topic of conversation, please place your payment in my view (preferably in an open envelope)

Keep in mind that money is often the best preservative against commitment.

Jet, car, hotel room with escort
Duration CHF EUR
2h 1000.00 1000.00
3h 1400.00 1400.00
Evening 4-5h 1600.00 1600.00
Sleepless night 8-9h 2000.00 2000.00
Full night 14h 3000.00 3000.00
24h 4000.00 4000.00
48h 7000.00 7000.00
1 week 15000.00 15000.00

I seduced you, it remains only to contact me ...

Christa Escort VIP

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